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Are You Enjoying Spring, Yet?

Happy March! 

February was a tough month for our family. My sweet husband spent more than three weeks suffering from upper respiratory infection—serious and deep bronchitis. Apparently, it was both bacterial and viral. Either way, his cough was strong enough to break or bruise a rib. It has not been fun for us.

Additionally, I became the go-to baby sitter for my son’s foster children while he struggled to set up daycare. (My poor husband had to suffer alone at home while I was gone.) Setting up daycare was not as easy as his instructors led him to believe. As of yesterday, the end of February, it was set up, and I can stay home every day—unless they get another newborn, too young to go to daycare.

I am looking forward to a wonderful spring. Our health is improving and the weather is warming up!

Here in southern Nevada, it’s spring! The temperature is warming up into the 70s, the skies are clear and beautiful, and the trees are budding and blossoming. We are loving it. I even opened the back door to let in cool air for a while today. It is lovely. The photos here are of trees blooming in my neighborhood. We are hoping the moisture received in the Rocky Mountains will flow down the Colorado, fill our reservoirs, and relieve our drought.

If you are living in the north or east, I feel your pain. I’ve seen pictures of the snow in your area, and glad that I don’t live there!

If this year is anything like those in the past, we may be facing some flooding, as a result of all the snow and rain. Every year, our country struggles with weather challenges—whether it is flooding or drought, tornadoes or hurricanes, rain, snow, or none of these at their normal times.

Many would have us believe the challenges we face each year, including the melting of ice in Antarctica, are caused by humans. I do not deny the changes in our weather patterns, but I do wonder how humanity can drastically affect it.

I recently saw a story describing a change many may not have heard. The elders of native Aleuts have watched the skies for centuries, needing to know the timing of their hunts, and other things important to their tribes. These Aleut elders state there has been a change in the skies—they have moved. Stars are not where they should be. The earth has shifted. Could a shifting like this be the cause of our weather changes?

Regardless of the cause, our weather patterns are changing. I suspect they have changed since the beginning of time. When writing Eve, First Matriarch, I discovered they faced a severe drought when the rains came early, destroying their crops, and did not return for nearly a year. In those days, weather changes could be deadly.

To learn what happened to them, check out Eve, First Matriarch here.

Share with me what your weather is like. Are you enjoying Spring, or waiting for it? I’d love to hear.


Change is in the Air

20151124_141035-1The world around us is changing, as it does each year. The sun rises later and sets earlier, temperatures fall, flowers fade, and trees drop their leaves. Autumn brings these changes.

This year, as it does every four years, our country is in the thrall of elections. I think the election cycle is worse this time than ever before, at least in my memory. The ugliness of the rhetoric and awfulness of the diatribes against opponents overwhelms the airwaves. In our family we mute the commercials in an effort to ignore the political advertisements. We often resort to putting in a movie or turning to Netflix or a movie channel.

Rarely does the advertisement include anything positive about the candidate, the good things they have done, the proposals they make for the future of our country, how they propose to help the voters. It just isn’t there. How can we take any of them seriously?

I’ve been finishing my (hopefully) final edits on my book, Eve, First Matriarch. As I’ve read through her story once more, I yearn for the quiet days without politics. I dream of a day in the near future when we are once again led by men and women who have our best interests to direct them, who pray for guidance, and who trust us to do the right thing. That day will come once more, though I fear not soon enough.

Perhaps this is the reason apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic books are so popular today. We fear for our future, we feel a change for the worse, we sense our political leaders have everything except our best interest as directions, and we sense the worst for the future of our country and planet. What if it happens? What happens then? It drives our fears and books and movies that are produced.

I believe some of this worst will happen, though I refrain from predicting when that will occur. Perhaps that’s why I read and watch some of the post-apocalyptic stories. However, I believe the ending will be different, the resolution happier than predicted by these stories. I believe in the hope foreseen by Eve and her beloved Adam. All will be well in the end. The great Jehovah’s plan will be completed as envisioned.

Until then, I don’t watch or read political advertisements.


When I watch the world today, I am saddened by all the evil and wickedness pressed on us by the many facets of the media. Over the past couple decades, because of television and movies, things that were never accepted have become common.

Because of the example set by the media, unmarried couples live together, often without ever marrying. Many children are born to unmarried parents, who may or may not still be together when the children become adults. More families are identified as one parent families. Families have lost the support of community and children lose the surety of a mom and dad who love and care for each other and children, with both in the home. Too many are split between homes and parents.

Alcoholism has been a problem for every generation since nearly the beginning of time. However, as media suggests you can be young and sexy if you drink the right brand of alcohol, we have more who suffer from alcoholism. Families suffer, as money is spent on the addiction. Children face parents with diminished abilities to show their love and concern through the haze of alcohol.
Hatred, anger, and violence fill the airwaves, whether it be movies, shows, or games. Almost everyday people express their hatred rob and murder. People are murdered, others die in automobile accidents, and too many suffer from road rage and violence.

Now, women and girls are fearful to enter a public restroom, afraid that some pervert will claim to be a transgender and peep at or attack women in those restroom. Those of us who believe this to be wrong are shouted down by those who have bought in to the line that these people have rights greater than everyone else.
I do not suggest that any of us treat those who participate in any of these behaviors poorly. If I choose not to participate, I have no desire or right to force my views onto them. However, it is because the media has forced their ideas onto those who watch movies and television, that so many participate in behaviors that were not acceptable even twenty years ago.

I do suggest we vote with our feet and our television remotes. When we see the media promoting behaviors we consider to be evil or unacceptable, leave the movie or change the channel. Talk with your children about why you think the behaviors will make them unhappy. Turn off the games that focus on murder and violence. Maybe we need to turn off our televisions and be more aware of what is in the movies we go to.

I believe Eve would be sorrowful to learn of the hatred and violence facing the children of our world. I think she and Adam knew what our world would be like, and they sorrowed to know how bad it is. She would want us to do all we can to make better choices and help our children to have a better life.

My challenge is that we turn our backs on violence, hatred, and the ugliness of evil that is saturating the media. What will you do to tell the media you are tired of it? Please share with me.


You Can Change the World


Untitled design (1)

The world isn’t what it was.

I know, I know. This has been said for many years. It’s said the ancient Greeks even said it. But have you noticed how sad and angry people are lately? Perhaps some of this is all the anger spread by the politicians this election. Perhaps it is the fear brought about because of the terrorist attacks around the world. Maybe, it is that men and women have lost hope.

I have started walking in the mornings lately. I make a point to smile and say hello to everyone I see. Most people look up, almost startled to have someone say ‘hello’ or ‘good morning.’ Still they look up and answer.

I notice people driving, too. They don’t hear me say good morning. Some have frowns that make me wonder about how their day is going. They are struggling, or appear to be. It’s too bad, that people are so fearful, so angry, so out of hope, they have lost their ability to see the good in things.

I cannot change the world, but I can uplift those with whom I come in contact. I can share my smile, my cheerful greeting. My smile may help one person find hope, or happiness, maybe my greeting will take away some of the anger they feel.

Today I saw a meme on Facebook I’d like to share:

Every time you Smile at Someone, It is an Action of Love,A gift to the Person,A Beautiful Thing.--Mother Teresa
I am currently rewriting the part of Eve’s life when they discovered the murder of a righteous son, Abel, by his brother. That was a terrible time for her and her beloved Adam. They lost sons they loved dearly. One to murder, the other to sin. I think she was lifted by the hope she would be with him again, and the smiles of those in her community who loved her and wanted her to find happiness once more. In time, she was able to find hope, love, and joy.

It is not difficult to share the gift of love with a simple smile. Do something beautiful. Help another person out by sharing your smile. It is one of the few things you can give away without losing any part of it for yourself. When do you smile for others? Have you seen a change?

Tell me about your experiences. I’d love to hear about them.


What Do We Do About the Syrian Refugees?

Pictures of a drowned Syrian child have brought the plight of Syrian refugees who are fleeing the violence and battles in Syria. It has become a flood of men, women, and children, struggling to find their way to Germany, or any other country that may accept them.

Families are spending everything they have to buy a spot in a smuggler’s flimsy boat. So many people fill these boats, people seem to be hanging off the edges. Is it any wonder many of these boats sink and the passengers drown? I have not seen it yet, but I would bet the smugglers wear life jackets, while the passengers find none available.

The trickle of Syrians running from war usually land in Greece, who is already struggling financially. It is no wonder they prefer the refugees move on to other countries. Other countries see the flood of these people and wonder how they will manage to support the thousands of refugees. There is no way one country can absorb that many people without economically drowning.

I have heard the suggestion that some of these refugees be brought to the United States. I struggle with this idea. My heart grieves when I see mothers and children in holding areas. I cried with the rest of the world when I saw the little 3-year-old who drowned. I fear the families who seek protection will also include hidden terrorists, who hate America and our values.

How sad the other Muslim countries surrounding Syria refuse to accept any of these refugees. Is it not part of their culture, their religion, that they should help the poor and the needy? It is part of our country and the Christian religion.

All things were held in common during the time of Eve and Adam. No women or children who were willing to live and work in their communities were prevented from become full members, were fed, clothed, and housed. Some of their children chose not to live as expected. They left and wars eventually occurred. If those refugees wanted to become part of the community in which Adam and Eve lived, they would have been required to follow the laws of the community. Certainly, Eve would have hoped the women and children would find a safe home away from the wars.

America has been much like the home of Eve and Adam. Refugees have been welcomed with the expectation that they live by the laws of our land. Unfortunately, some of those refugees have come to us, not planning to obey the laws and help continue to keep America great, but rather to find a way to undermine our laws and our ways of life.

If they hate us, they should stay away. If they choose to obey laws; support our culture, willing to accept the standards of that culture; and work hard to take responsibility to support themselves and their families, let them come. Otherwise, let them return to Syria, or go to one of the other Muslim countries.

What do you think about the refugee problem? Shall we invite the refugees to live in your community? Please comment.


Changes in July

July! A great time for new beginnings! Why wait for January when you can begin again in July?
July is the time when our great country achieved a change, our leaders signing the Declaration of Independence. Life in our country, and in the world, would be significantly different had those brave men not declared independence and revolution. Can you even imagine the world without the United States as an independent country? Great Britain is a fine country, one time spreading around the globe. However, the great ocean between and the change in thinking in the new land separated us.
My parents made a huge change in July, joining in marriage on July 14, 1950. Yes, they are still happily married 65 years later, and living about 2 hours away from us. That change had deep impact on my life and that of my brothers and sisters. We wouldn’t be here without the decision they made that July. Happy Anniversary, mom and dad!
Big changes in our life come in July. Our first move, after two whole weeks of marriage, occurred over the 4th of July weekend, traveling and moving to Guam. We missed the 4th. It was an interesting experience, watching the bombers leave and return as they ended the Vietnamese war. My husband left the Navy and we returned to Utah one July, more years ago than I want to remember. We decided to leave Utah for Las Vegas, Nevada, twelve July’s ago. Both of those changes were good for me and my family.
Now, this July, I have changed my website, hoping to make it more interesting for you, the reader. Blogs and information about my writing are easily available on one site. Yippee for me!
When do you change most often? Does it seem to fall in one month more than another? What are you changing in your life now? I’d love to see what is going on with you.Mom & Dad-Wedding (2)C