Lost Children of the Prophet

Children are stolen from the home of the prophet, taken to Nod, city of the wicked. How will they remember their parents and the life they were taught? Will they ever return to the faith of their fathers?

Discover the answers in the new series, Lost Children of the Prophet.

Lost Children of the Prophet Book 1

Abducted as children. Sold into different lives. Brother and sister fight to escape a trap.

After years of separation, Nat succeeds in finding his sister, Ziva. Though he remains a slave, she is a beloved daughter, purchased to replace a lost child. Unfortunately, Nat’s despicable master lusts after Ziva and will do anything to force their mating. Her rejection sets off a devastating chain of events that could send Nat to the mines and ruin her adopted father. Can they avoid the trap set by Nat’s master and protect Ziva and her father?

First in a new series, Lost Children of the Prophet is an ancient historical fiction set in earliest biblical times, following Book Three in Angelique Conger’s Ancient Matriarchs series.

Follow the danger and intrigue of this family who fights for each other in near constant turmoil. Buy Lost Children of the Prophet now.


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