Combating Cults

Combating Cults

Attacking men …
Spinning staff …

Elke decided fear won’t share her life anymore. She has become competent with the staff and expects to protect herself.

But four men at once?
And a baby on her back?

Priests from Nod believe people in Limhah owe them donation coins, even though they left Nod and its laws three years earlier. If they can’t get coins, they’ll take women as slaves.

Not if Elke and her staff have anything to say about it!
Not if her husband, Ormh, can prevent it.

Combating Cults is the first in the new trilogy, Struggle for Limhah, set in the world of Lost Children of the Prophets. Immerse yourself in the conflict and join Elke and Ormh in Limhah as they trust in Jehovah for their safety.

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