February, the Month of Sickness

I haven’t sent out a newsletter for nearly a month. For that I am sorry. My husband and I have been sick with bronchitis. His got worse, he had pneumonia. I have been busy caring for him, and have not had anything on my mind to share with you. You didn’t need to hear about his cough and our appointments with the doctor. So, I’m back, with something more interesting.

I am not going to discuss the news of the day—all about presidential politicians. I will not share my thoughts there. We each must wade through the nonsense and make up our own minds there. There are other things I am interested in sharing.

I have sent my first book Ancient Matriarchs: Eve, First Matriarch to an editor. As expected, I still have work to do on it. Back to work, but there is hope it will be completed and ready for another edit in a couple months.

My book cover is in progress. I can’t wait to see it. When I get it, I will share it here first. If you have a friend who would be interested, send them over to my website so they can sign up. (The box is on the upper right of every page.)

I hope your February was healthier than mine. If not, you have my sympathy.



This last two weeks have been hard for me. No, no problems with rain or snow. Lucky me, I live in the desert southwest. Instead, I’ve been fighting my own personal demons.

Have you ever worked hard on something personal to you, and then, when it is time to share, held back in fear? I have.

I have worked over two years on my first book, writing and rewriting it. I’ve had others I trust read it and worked to make it as good as I know how. Now it’s time to edit.

I found the courage to find editors who gave me sample edits and hired an editor. I sent it off.

And now. Now I’m frozen in fear. Will it be good enough? Will I need to rewrite it all again? Are there big problems with it?

Other rough drafts need to be worked on, so I can have more than one book available for you to read. I have such big plans. But this past week I’ve been frozen in fear, unable to do very much.

I’ll get past it. I’m strong, and my other books will be written. I’ll survive the edits, rewrite again, and again, if necessary, so I can have the best book I can write for you to read. This book and all the others I have planned.

Eve must have had days of fear. Many times she could not stay frozen long, for if she didn’t do the work, it would not be done. I think of her now, and take courage. Onward.

When do you become frozen? How long has it held you back? Share with me and give me hope.