Captured Freedom

Captured Freedom, Lost Children of the Prophet Book 2

A cruel and greedy slave owner. An angry mob. A struggle for freedom that could end in death.

Nat is personal slave and confidante to the High Priest. He fights to maintain his integrity amongst his master’s vengeful plans and the master’s wives’ attempts to seduce him. With all this, how can he free his own unacknowledged wife? Or himself? He knows too much.

Ziva, Nat’s sister, rebels against laws shackling a woman’s thoughts and actions while striving to free her brother and his wife. Her novice self-protection skills will soon be tested. Is this the end for Nat and Ziva? Or a new beginning?

Captured Freedom, the second in the Lost Children of the Prophet series, is a historical fiction book about life in early biblical times.

Immerse in this compelling story about caring and courageous people and buy Captured Freedom today.


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