Women of the Covenant

We know Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,

Men of the Bible,

But what of their wives?

The stories of the women were not recorded.

As courageous, faithful, and wonderful women, they followed their husbands, waited for promised children, and suffered next to them. In years of life in tents, following the food needs of animals, they remained faithful to their faith in Jehovah and strong supporters of their men. Each of the wives and concubines of these prophets deserve to tell their story.

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Sarah, Mother of Nations

Nothing is impossible for Jehovah.

As Sarai, later renamed Sarah, faces challenges and sorrow, she sometimes forgets this truth. Although He promised her and Abraham a large posterity, not a single child had yet been born, and she had passed the time for child bearing. Could she trust the promise and receive the coveted child?

Promised blessings never shielded Sarah from danger. As she faced priests desiring to sacrifice her husband, storms threatening to overwhelm them, and powerful rulers desiring her, Sarah maintained her faith in Jehovah and his ability to save them.

But the time had passed for the promised children. In her old age and dry womb, doubts test her confidence in God. Is it imaginable?

Sarah, Mother of Nations, first in the Women of the Covenant series, tells the unforgettable story of Sarah and Abraham who refuse to give up on each other or Jehovah, for with him –

All is possible.

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