Looking Back and Forward

New Year!Happy New Year!

This is a time many look back on last year and make plans for next year. I’m in the same mode—thinking about my writing last year and making plans for next year. I didn’t get everything done that I planned for last year, but I did some things I hadn’t planned on.

Last year my goal was to get my first book, Eve, First Matriarch, published. It isn’t there yet, but I’ve learned so much in the process. I plan to have it ready for publishing, along with at least two more, so they can be published soon after the first one. That sets me up for lots of work.

Along with that, I need to find a professional editor to help me make the books the best they can be. I’m hoping my artist friend has time to create my covers, she is so awesome she is kept incredibly busy. Great book covers help readers choose great books to read, so I’m hoping she has the time to help me.

I managed to write the rough draft for three more books. I now have at least a rough idea of what all but one of my first series will be, and most of the first book in my second series. I hoped to have that one done by today, but time in the hospital and a wrong turn in the story has put that goal off a month. I think I’m on track again, now, and can finish before the end of January.

So, get a book or two rough drafts written, and three or more published. Should be a happy, busy year.

What do you plan for the upcoming year? Anything fun? I’d love to hear.


Merry Christmas!

Holiday_6Merry Christmas to all my friends around the world.

I’ve been busy this week finishing Christmas presents for my grandchildren. I’ve sewn 6 pair of pajamas and 3 nightgowns, plus I’ve crocheted 3 little animals and a huge play-mat road for the little ones. Some took longer than expected. I haven’t even opened my computer much for days.

I hope your life is busy and happy, filled with the joys that Christmas brings, as you celebrate with your family.

Eve could not have celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ, for it had not happened in her time, but I believe she looked forward to that day. She knew it was coming.

I’ll be back with more next week. Busy, busy, busy until then.


Are You on the Dark Side or In the Light?

Holiday_8The force is with many this week as they wait impatiently for the new movie. I wish it was with me. No, my book isn’t ready to be published yet, but I’m closer. I wish I was ready to share the good news, but, not yet.

During this time of year, I wonder if the “force” shown in the Star Wars movies is the force we need to be thinking about. It may be, if you think about it. The dark side, indicating the hate and fear the world is feeling. We see crazies hurting others en mass. I heard arguments and cursing in stores and from inside homes. The dark side is strong in this part of the world.

On the other hand, I see many people giving of their small resources to help the less fortunate. Children receive shoes and socks, because customers of a business donated a dollar. Food, bicycles, toys, trees, and a multitude of other gifts have been donated so there will be less children who wake up on Christmas morning with no tree and no gifts.

Eve would tell you the dark side is caused by the destroyer, he who beguiled her. His purpose is to cause hatred and sorrow for as long as possible. She would also tell you that the real reason for joy and kindness comes from the Savior of the World, He who left His place as a God to redeem us all. She and Adam knew He would come, taught their children to wait for the glorious event.

We now wait for His return. Until He comes, stay in the light.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakuh, Happy Holidays.


Don’t Let This Happen to You

20150810_210057It’s amazing how things can change for you in seconds. I woke up in the middle of the night and bumped my arm on my nightstand drawer. No big deal. Because I have the thin skin of a hundred year old, I bled. I stumbled into the bathroom an covered it with bandages.

The tiny gouges were infected two days later, my arm swelling and red two days later. Now, after a second trip to the ER, I’m admitted to the hospital to receive IV antibiotics. Difficult for me, as I’m allergic to many antibiotics. (This is a poor excuse for a late blog.)

As I think of my silly little injury, that could be life threatening, I think of the people who have gone about their lives, attending concerts, Christmas parties, eating in restaurants, and other common events, only to have their lives disrupted by crazed people seeking infamy in deaths of others. I wonder if those who died remembered to kiss their loved ones good-bye as they left that day. Did they leave for work with an argument on their lips?

Eve’s life changed in moments when she chose to marry Adam and live on this earth—yes, I believe she had that choice. That time was a time of challenges and joys. Later, her life changed again when Cain killed Abel, this was not a happy change. Each time she was required to decide to make the best of the changes.

We never know when our lives will be changed suddenly. Though it may be difficult, remember to leave your loved ones with love rather than in anger. Don’t be the one to mourn if your life changes suddenly.

I’d love for you to share your tales of sudden life changing events. Please share, here in the comments section, or direct to my email: [email protected]


Do You Enjoy This in December?

20151202_175210 (1)December already? How did we manage to get this far into the year? I know, one moment at a time.

I’ve been visiting family, seeing all the little ones I hold dear. We’ve been home and away off and on for the last two weeks, and have now seen all but two of our little grandchildren. It has been a sweet week. I’m watching one of the youngest turn in circles and laugh. We don’t get to see him often enough! I attended a little concert of an elementary orchestra, in which two others played violin, last night at a tree festival. Some of the kids have only played about three months, others three or four years. The music was simple, but good. The orchestra included two of my grands.

The Holiday Season, filled with lights, laughter, and love is a wonderful time of the year. I remember the birth of the Savior of the World, Jesus Christ. I honor your right to celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanza, or your reason to celebrate between Thanksgiving and February.

Eve, with Adam, taught their children to look forward to the birth of the Savior of the world. They joined together as a family, worshiping, celebrating, and giving love.

I hope your season of love is filled joy!

Share with me your favorite holiday tradition.