Lost Children of the Prophet series

Lost Children of the Prophet

Abducted as children. Sold into different lives. Brother and A cruel and greedy slave owner. 

Book 1

Captured Freedom, Book 2

A cruel and greedy slave owner. An angry mob. A struggle for freedom that could end in death.

Captured Freedom, Lost Children of the Prophet Book 2

Abandoned Hope, Book 3

A string of beads. A forbidden book. An unexpected love.

Young, innocent, trader Daphne, from the family of Adam, travels to the forbidden city of Nod searching for the Lost Children.

Abandoned Hope, Lost Children of the Prophet, Book 3.

Brotherly Havoc, Book 4

When brotherly resentment turns deadly …

Kimnor and David battle for their father’s favors.

Brotherly Havoc, Lost Children of the Prophet, Book 4

Betrayed Trust, Book 5

Kindness. Deceit. Terror.

Erzi fights to remain free from sexual slavery and the secret organization, Pagag.

Betrayed Trust, Book 5

Convicted Deliverance

She spied on them…

Now she wants to live in their home again.

Forced by her father to return to his home after her husband died, Marcella now returns to his parent’s home. Once there, she discovers they have been keeping a secret, a dangerous secret.

returns. Will she become a follower of Jehovah?

Trouble Escaped

Trouble always finds Rilda…

Until a Coos giant takes her from her home…

Now she must find a haven away from the battles between the giants and the wicked men of Nod.

Contrary Devotion

He wants her.

She wants him.

Her parents won’t consider it.

Lisyl’s forbidden beliefs in and her love for Jehovah, prevent her from being with Yadav. He only knows the cult gods, though he is no longer enamored of them.

Impassioned Grief

The passion of love …

And the sorrow of grief …

Comes to us all.

For Lisyl and Firoz in the ancient land of Nod, life brings enough troubles to challenge any family.

Love Defied

Not everyone accepts love …

Some reject it …

Others feel unworthy.

Merab seeks to help her family feel and understand her love and the love of Jehovah. In the turmoil of an upcoming move to a new community, not all are able to comprehend that love.

Coming in 2020

Hidden Purpose

Death and birth …

Come to all,

But when Ziva dies and Kerstin comes to Safe Haven carrying a child, people wonder if it is a child of the giants – an enemy.

Ammon seeks to protect Kerstin and learns to love her and her unborn child.

Coming late Spring 2020

Basya and Ham (working title)

Unnamed final book of the series.

Basya and Ham learn to love and be loved. They enter the ark with Noah.


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