Concealed Innocence

Concealed Innocence

Basya: Daughter of God
Or Daughter of Cain?

Hiding from marauding armies in a cave, Basya hears a strangled cry of pain — and meets Ham. She seeks safety in the west in the ancient home of her earliest parents Ziva and Nat.

But she carries the mark of Cain …

Ham has traveled east, pursuing solace and understanding. Why would a wife and newborn child be taken by a loving God?

Basya provides healing for more than his broken arm. She helps him understand.

But during the treacherous journey home, will she grow to love him? Will his family accept her? After all, his father is Noah who prophesies destruction.

And she does carry the mark of Cain …

More than a romance, Concealed Innocence is a story of connections, of discovering lost family, and consequences of obedience. Discover the unknown purpose Jehovah had when He allowed Ziva and Nat to be stolen so many hundreds of years before in this 12th and final book in the Lost Children of the Prophet series.

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