Struggle for Limhah

After leaving the wicked city of Nod, the people of Limhah must face challenges and trials as they seek to stay free and able to worship Jehovah.

Combating Cults
Combating Cults

Attacking men …
Spinning staff …

Elke decided fear won’t share her life anymore.
She has become competent with the staff and expects to protect herself.

Fighting Foreign Armies

Fighting Foreign Armies

A horde attacks …
Seeking coins and women …

Fighting against a larger, better equipped army to protect Limhah,
Aleeza and Joshua discover their friendship has become love.

Defending Faith

Loss …
Danger …
Possible survival.

Zella’s twin sister seeks excitement in the forbidden city of Nod.
Captured by the city’s greatest enemy, she succumbs to the cult teachings, bringing back the cancer of foreign belief.

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Combating Cults
Fighting Foreign Armies
Defending Faith

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