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Are You Enjoying Spring, Yet?

Happy March! 

February was a tough month for our family. My sweet husband spent more than three weeks suffering from upper respiratory infection—serious and deep bronchitis. Apparently, it was both bacterial and viral. Either way, his cough was strong enough to break or bruise a rib. It has not been fun for us.

Additionally, I became the go-to baby sitter for my son’s foster children while he struggled to set up daycare. (My poor husband had to suffer alone at home while I was gone.) Setting up daycare was not as easy as his instructors led him to believe. As of yesterday, the end of February, it was set up, and I can stay home every day—unless they get another newborn, too young to go to daycare.

I am looking forward to a wonderful spring. Our health is improving and the weather is warming up!

Here in southern Nevada, it’s spring! The temperature is warming up into the 70s, the skies are clear and beautiful, and the trees are budding and blossoming. We are loving it. I even opened the back door to let in cool air for a while today. It is lovely. The photos here are of trees blooming in my neighborhood. We are hoping the moisture received in the Rocky Mountains will flow down the Colorado, fill our reservoirs, and relieve our drought.

If you are living in the north or east, I feel your pain. I’ve seen pictures of the snow in your area, and glad that I don’t live there!

If this year is anything like those in the past, we may be facing some flooding, as a result of all the snow and rain. Every year, our country struggles with weather challenges—whether it is flooding or drought, tornadoes or hurricanes, rain, snow, or none of these at their normal times.

Many would have us believe the challenges we face each year, including the melting of ice in Antarctica, are caused by humans. I do not deny the changes in our weather patterns, but I do wonder how humanity can drastically affect it.

I recently saw a story describing a change many may not have heard. The elders of native Aleuts have watched the skies for centuries, needing to know the timing of their hunts, and other things important to their tribes. These Aleut elders state there has been a change in the skies—they have moved. Stars are not where they should be. The earth has shifted. Could a shifting like this be the cause of our weather changes?

Regardless of the cause, our weather patterns are changing. I suspect they have changed since the beginning of time. When writing Eve, First Matriarch, I discovered they faced a severe drought when the rains came early, destroying their crops, and did not return for nearly a year. In those days, weather changes could be deadly.

To learn what happened to them, check out Eve, First Matriarch here.

Share with me what your weather is like. Are you enjoying Spring, or waiting for it? I’d love to hear.