Ancient Matriarchs

    Eve, First Matriarch  

Eve is a mother to us all. Here is her story of longing, anguish, and hope…


Avenging Angel

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Eve, mother to us all, and wife of the first man, and she is forced to save him …


           Into the Storms:
Ganet, Wife of Seth

A devastating earthquake. A giant serpent. Can she escape the traps laid to take her life?



Finding Peace:
Rebecca, Wife of Enos

They stole her food, her freedom and her children. Is there peace for Rebecca?



Moving into Light:
Zehira, Wife of Enoch

Moving into Light:
Zehira, Wife of Enoch

Deformed and hated. A stranger in the land. Can she find inner strength and self-confidence?






Other Books Planed:

 Out of Darkness (tentative title)

Describes the story of the wife of Noah before and after the flood

 We Stood Beside Them (Tentative Title)

The stories of other faithful matriarchs who stood beside their prophet-husbands as they struggled to maintain faith and hope.








3 thoughts on “Ancient Matriarchs”

  1. Thank you so much for the spirituality I felt in your writings. I can’t wait to receive the added writing on Eve. I love and appreciate her so much and am so thankful for her difficult decision to partake of the fruit, else I would not be writing this to you!!!! Thanks again, and may Heavenly Father bless you as you keep on writing.

  2. Your books are incredible!!! I’ve gained such a better understanding of what Adam, Eve and their posterity must have gone through. I had problems registering for the free booklet and getting registered. I hope I was successful. I look forward to reading any forthcoming books, and look forward to your messages.
    Pat Baker

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