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Only We, the People, Can Solve This Problem

Over the past years, we have seen things become acceptable after losing favor in the intervening years. I wore saddle shoes as a kid to help my feet stay straight. Fifteen years later, the black and white (or brown and white) oxford became the shoe to wear, though it no longer had the strength to hold an ankle straight. They come into favor every few years.

Skirt lengths have gone up and down the leg over the last hundred years, sometimes raising as high as it modesty (or not modestly) allows it to crawl.Others years, skirts fall to the floor—and all the intervening lengths between.

Hats, too, come and go. There was a time no one went out without a hat, and no man would enter a house, let alone sit at a table, without removing it. The hat has blown away, though men routinely enter homes and sit at restaurant tables with their ball cap firmly stuck to their head.

There is a meme going around my face book feed.

It says a lot about our society, when a public longing for loyalty and morals makes the rounds of social media—a lot that is not good.

In my lifetime, I have seen a decline in both loyalty and morals. Time was when presidents and government were held to a higher standard of honor and loyalty—to the country and their spouses. NOT any more. Now, people hardly raise an eyebrow in the event the press comment on some government official’s lack of loyalty to a spouse. Lack of loyalty to the country causes a few groans, but little more.

There was a time when a couple cared about the one they married, children came into their lives nine months or more later. Anything earlier was a cause for deep embarrassment, for themselves and their families. This changed with the “Peace and Love” generation, who lived together and had children. But, these were the minority. Slowly, living together, one night stands, and single parenthood became normal.

Not so long ago, those who leaned toward anything but hetero-sex stayed in the closet, rather than admit to perverted sexual behavior. It was safer that way, for the penalty was death. Not so now. If I don’t condone their actions, I am “biased,” “narrow minded,” or “intolerant.” Young men claim to be girls so they can win in a girl’s race. The national argument over bathrooms continues, supported by people who should want to protect their daughters.

Imagine what Eve would think about our world today. For me, it would not take much imagination. I believe Adam saw the events of this earth past our time in it. I think Eve joined him in sorrowing for our behaviors. Some think other times were worse than ours, pointing to the days of Noah, when God saw fit to baptize the earth and wash it of the wicked, adulterous, and disloyal. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah burned, destroying the sodomites. I have read prophets say our time is worse than either of these. Surely, Eve cried when she saw what would happen to her daughters and sons.

When I saw the meme, my first thought was, “No kidding. A change is needed.” Then I thought about it again.

Loyalty and Morals, and a number of other good qualities, will only return to this country, and this world, when we, of loyalty and morality, determine to be examples of those qualities and live them.

We must band together, become leaders of the movement. We must be personally loyal and moral. We must demand that others around us be loyal and moral. We must expect loyalty and morality from our government.

What do you think about our loss of loyalty and morals? How can we turn it around? Is there another way? I don’t believe new laws will help, it must come from we, the people.


Changes in July

July! A great time for new beginnings! Why wait for January when you can begin again in July?
July is the time when our great country achieved a change, our leaders signing the Declaration of Independence. Life in our country, and in the world, would be significantly different had those brave men not declared independence and revolution. Can you even imagine the world without the United States as an independent country? Great Britain is a fine country, one time spreading around the globe. However, the great ocean between and the change in thinking in the new land separated us.
My parents made a huge change in July, joining in marriage on July 14, 1950. Yes, they are still happily married 65 years later, and living about 2 hours away from us. That change had deep impact on my life and that of my brothers and sisters. We wouldn’t be here without the decision they made that July. Happy Anniversary, mom and dad!
Big changes in our life come in July. Our first move, after two whole weeks of marriage, occurred over the 4th of July weekend, traveling and moving to Guam. We missed the 4th. It was an interesting experience, watching the bombers leave and return as they ended the Vietnamese war. My husband left the Navy and we returned to Utah one July, more years ago than I want to remember. We decided to leave Utah for Las Vegas, Nevada, twelve July’s ago. Both of those changes were good for me and my family.
Now, this July, I have changed my website, hoping to make it more interesting for you, the reader. Blogs and information about my writing are easily available on one site. Yippee for me!
When do you change most often? Does it seem to fall in one month more than another? What are you changing in your life now? I’d love to see what is going on with you.Mom & Dad-Wedding (2)C