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I’m an author. I try to change the world with my books. My imagination takes me to places I can never go. I share things I’ve learned as I tell my stories. I learn more things than I can ever share in the things I write.

A long time ago, as a teacher, I discovered you don’t know what you know until you write it down. Writing my books helps me understand what I know about a few things. I explore a time not well documented, especially in the lives of the women.

I write about the earliest days of our earth, those days between the Garden of Eden and Noah’s flood. Many would consider these Christian focused, and they are because they focus on events in the Bible. I write of a people’s beliefs in Jehovah. However, though I’ve read through the Bible and searched for more about these stories, there isn’t much there. I get to use my imagination to fill in all the missing information, which is most of it.

The human experience doesn’t change, only the leaders and the things people gather around them. They walked, rode horses, or rode in carriages. We walk, ride in cars, airplanes, and soon spaceships. We all eat, dress, have children, raise a family, live our lives, and die. We love, hate, argue, solve problems, and search for happiness. It has been so from the beginning.

I’ve considered challenges in my life in my books. I don’t like some of the results and hope my children never suffer the consequences I write about. I love others of my stories. I hope more of my family receive results like these in their lives.

Are you interested in the lives of people in these earliest days? Religion is important, but not the only focus of my books. I write about families and their experiences. These books are a family saga depicting the ancient lives of people who had to rely on their intuitive intellect, the strength of their family, their faith, and their community.

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Want to know more about me?

I discovered the wonders of writing books later in life. Books, however, have always been important. As a little girl in a small town in southern Utah, I was given my own library card at the tender age of five, highly unusual in those days. I remember walking the few blocks to the library on her own to choose the maximum number of books allowed in those days, four nice, thick books. I took them back three or four days later for four more. As I got older, I occasionally returned the books a day or two past the limit of two weeks. The librarians allowed me to straighten the stacks to pay off her fines. This introduced me to the Dewey Decimal System of organizing books early in life.

I read a book or three much of the time. I have read most genre`s of books, often toying with the idea of writing a few myself. My sister challenged me to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in 2013. I won that year and several others, writing the beginnings of the books in Ancient Matriarchs. Since then, I have spent many hours each day learning the craft of writing, editing, and publishing.

I followed my husband around the world as he served in the United States Navy. My favorite place to live was Hawaii. Gibraltar was interesting. I received a BED in Education from the University of Hawaii and an MS from Utah State University. I taught grade school for 14 years in Utah.

I strive to do my best to obey the command given to Eve to replenish the earth. I have five children and nine grandchildren, so far. My ultimate goal is to be a noble matriarch like Eve.

I live in southern Nevada with my husband, love bird, and two turtles. I look forward to visits from my grandchildren—and their parents.
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