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As a novice writer and publisher, I have spent years combing through Genesis to glean tidbits about ancient women. No one knows the true stories, not even their names. Even the stories of their husbands are lost. Now, I tell their thought-provoking stories as though they sat beside me, whispering into my ear in my series Ancient Matriarchs.
I have a degree from the University of Hawaii, taught grade school, and traveled with my sailor husband. My favorite place to live then was Hawaii. Now I live in southern Nevada with myhusband, love bird, and two turtles. I looks forward to visits from my grandchildren—and their parents.
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I discovered the wonders of writing books later in life. Books, however, have always been important. As a little girl in a small town in southern Utah, I was given my own library card at the tender age of five, highly unusual in those days. I remembers walking the few blocks to the library on her own to choose the maximum number of books allowed in those days, four nice, thick books. I took them back three or four days later for four more. As I got older, I occasionally returned the books a day or two past the limit of two weeks. The librarians allowed me to straighten the stacks to pay off her fines. This introduced me to the Dewey Decimal System of organizing books early in life.
I read a book or three much of the time. I read most genre`s of books, often toying with the idea of writing a few myself. My sister challenged me to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in 2013. I won that year and several others, writing the beginnings of the books in Ancient Matriarchs. Since then, I have spent many hours each day learning the craft of writing, editing, and publishing.
Studying and writing about Eve, and other matriarchs, gave me a deeper understanding of the challenges faced in a new world. Many of the questions women want to know about Eve’s life, such as: Who helped her give birth? How did the learn to feed themselves? Who taught Eve about raising children? How did they learn to write? Though the answers cannot be historically accurate, they “feel right.”
I followed my husband around the world as he served in the United States Navy. My favorite place to live was Hawaii. Gibraltar was interesting. She received a BED in Education from the University of Hawaii and a MS from Utah State University. I taught grade school for 14 years in Utah.
I strive to do my best to obey the command given to Eve to replenish the earth. I have five children and nine grandchildren, so far. My ultimate goal is to be a noble matriarch like Eve.
I live in southern Nevada with my husband, love bird, and two turtles. I look forward to visits from my grandchildren—and their parents.
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