Abandoned Hope, Book 3

Abandoned Hope

Lost Children of the Prophet, Book 3
Abandoned Hope

Kimnor and David, sons of Ziva and Crites, battle for their father’s favor while helping to rescue the father of a trader girl from the lands of Adam. Who will win the favor and wealth of the father?

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A string of beads. A forbidden book. An unexpected love.

Young, innocent, trader Daphne, from the family of Adam, travels to the forbidden city of Nod searching for the Lost Children. After her father is abducted, she struggles to free him. The son of one of the Lost Children assists her in every way he can, falling in love with her. When it comes to a choice of her copy of the Book of Commandments, or her father, she chooses the sacred book. If her father isn’t freed she will be stranded in a wicked city.

Buy Abandoned Hope, the third book in the Lost Children of the Prophet series, set in the early world before the flood, to absorb a world and the lives lived long ago, yet so much like ours.


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