Into the Storms

Ancient Matriarchs
Book 2~
Into the Storms
Ganet, Wife of Seth

A devastating earthquake. A giant serpent. Can she escape the traps laid to take her life?

Leaving her sheltered community and yearning for adventure, Ganet travels with her new husband, Seth. Imperiled by raging flash floods, land shattering earthquakes, and angry, defiant men who want to sacrifice her to their serpent god, she struggles forward, supported by her profound love for her husband and her God. When Seth contracts a possible life-ending disease that threatens to strand her far from home, can she discover the hidden strength needed to survive?

Into the Storms is a rich historical fiction continuing the story of Eve and other early matriarchs. If you like captivating feminine perspectives and enlightening stories of women’s courage in the midst of trials, you will love Angelique Conger’s second book in the Ancient Matriarchs series.

Buy Into the Storms today to engage with this strong woman’s story.

Available today in Paperback and Kindle.


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