Ancient Matrarchs Book 2: Into the Storms: Ganet, Wife of Seth

Book 2: Into the Storms: Ganet, Wife of Seth 

(Available May 5, 2017)

Ancient Matriarchs: Book Two features the reimagined story of Ganet, wife of Seth, son of Adam and Eve. Here is her story of trials, fears, and friendship …

Ganet grew up in a sheltered community, yearning for adventure, and loving Seth. When he finally asks her to marry him, there is a catch—they must leave within weeks to teach distant families of their God. Along the way, she learns to overcome life-threatening challenges of raging flash floods, land-shattering earthquakes, and angry, defiant men who want to sacrifice her to their serpent god, Zil. Through it all, their profound love supports her, until he contracts a possible life-ending disease that threatens to strand her far from home.

Into the Storms, Ganet: Wife of Seth, a rich historical fiction, continues the story of Eve and the other early matriarchs, with compelling feminine perspectives and illuminating stories of courage.

Order Into the Storms today and read of one woman’s courage here. Available in Kindle or Paperback.

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