The World Is Crazy Lately

There are lots of angry people in the country! There are shootings in schools, theaters, homes, everywhere. Why?

Our community is in mourning. Three good men died last Sunday, murdered by a couple who thought they had every right to show their disgust for government. They murdered two police officers who were doing nothing worse than enjoying a lunch break. They stole their weapons and ammunition, crossed the street and invaded a WalMart. WalMart is certainly a bastion of the Government! These two “freedom fighters” entered the store with guns out, ready to cause havoc among the horrible government workers who were mildly searching for a bargain.

One man, who stood in legally carried a concealed weapon, accosted the man, not realizing that the he was alive. He was murdered by the woman who was behind him. He just wanted to move the guns out of the store, and he lost his life.

Today, one of the officers was buried. The other will be buried Saturday. Services have not been set for the civilian who attempted to protect those shopping in the store.

All these men did their best to protect our community. All three are honored as heroes. But their families are without them, as fathers, sons, and brothers. Each family would rather have their man, not have him thought of as a hero.

Other communities mourn, for similar reasons. Angry people continue to cause fear and hurt.

What can we do to protect ourselves and our loved ones? Probably not much, when two police officers are murdered at lunch. Be careful, be watchful. Protect your little ones. Most of all, remember to give your loved ones a hug and tell them you love them each time you leave them. Sadly, there is a chance this could be the last time you will see them.