Fathers Day

Father’s Day is Sunday. It’s a day to remember and honor our fathers, husbands, and sweethearts.

My husband and father of my children is wonderful to me and to our children. We celebrate our marriage each year at this time. It is a special time for us. He spent years working to support us and protect our country in the U. S. Navy. Those days were not easy, but they were important and necessary. Now, he is a great grandfather, who is great at loving and spoiling the kids and grandkids. We honor him.

My own father is one I honor and love, as well. He is the epitome of dads and fathers, always there when we need him, no matter what. Even at 86, he will build us something, give us the produce from his garden, or offer to help move. He recently went to visit my niece and helped put in a window for her. That’s the kind of man my dad is. No wonder we love him so!

There is another father I would like to honor today. He is the father of us all, for he is the first father on earth, Adam. Without him, none of us would be here. And, who of us remember to honor him?

As I have been writing my book, from Eve’s perspective, I have gained a deeper respect for Adam. He was there from the first, supporting Eve in the birth of their children, and guiding them as they grew—something all women would want of a husband and father of her children. Beyond that, Adam taught them the laws and precepts of their God, our God. He wanted his children to return with him to the presence and abode of our Father in Heaven, the ultimate Father of us all.

In his efforts to teach, Adam saw many of his children fall away from the path of truth. Many preferred the way of the destroyer, for it is always easier, promising untold delights–untold, unearned, and often not received. It must have been extremely difficult to see his children choose a different path, and live with the consequences of those choices. The son we hear about most is Cain, who wanted more, more cattle, more glory, more power. (Does that remind you of anyone?) Ultimately, Cain had to run away, fearful for his life. The grief, the sorrow he brought upon his father’s head.

Each of us, individually, needs to remember our actions are our own, but the consequences of these actions are felt by our fathers and mothers. We do not live on an island, we are part of the whole, and fathers, parents, feel deeply the actions of our children, both sorrowful and joyful.

This year choose more than gifts that will fade or a card that will be set aside. Choose a better gift. Give of yourself, your time. Choose to find a way to make choices that will bring him joy.

Happy Father’s Day.