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Stop the Insanity

Over the past few years, we in the United States have been horrified as ancient historical landmarks were defaced and destroyed by ISIL and the Taliban. We cried out in rage and horror to see these ancient monuments defiled and destroyed. How will we now visit these ancient places?

Does anyone else see the similarities to what is happening in the United States today? Our history is not as ancient, but it is our history. Some complain that they are destroying the remnants of slavery. How do we know those ancient monuments destroyed in the old world were monuments to slavery? Slavery was integral to the lives of many nations in ancient days.

Will the haters destroy this monument to the Massachusetts 54th Brigade, made up of black soldiers in their frenzy?

The monuments in our country are monuments to our history, to people who gave their lives for what they believed. I believed our constitution gave us the right to believe, regardless of the popularity of the belief. Those beliefs are historical, no longer a part of current practice. How can they be offensive to those of us living today?

How far will this go? Will we demand that monuments to religion will be destroyed? If you honor Christ and the cross, will you quietly stand by as images of these are hacked to pieces and torn from their bases? Will you be so intimidated you will not complain? Whether you honor Christ, Buddha, or any other god of any other religion, will you stand by while others’ gods are defaced?

One final thought, the monuments and statues remind us of a past we do not want to replicate. Their very existence reminds us of a time we never want to live through. I suggest these monuments, though they may stand for a terrible time in our history, they also remind us not to repeat that time.

How can you stand by and watch the defamation of our history? It is time for this insanity to end. Find a way to make peace with our history and understand it is history, our history. Desecrating and destroying the monuments will not change the history.

Take a stand against the destruction. Write letters, call your federal and state leaders, demanding protection for all the monuments and statues reminding us of our history. Stand up for the right. Don’t let the world point at us, as they point at the destroyers of the monuments in the middle east, wondering how we could allow this to happen.


In Honor of Our Brave Veterans

20150914_185748This Veteran’s Day, 2015, I offer my gratitude to all who gave their lives in service to our great nation over the years. Some died, like my great-great uncle who died on the steps of Lexington. My uncles and father-in-law returned from World War II, alive, seemingly well. However, along with thousands of others, they were left with lingering fears and PTSD. You did not want to touch my father-in-law to wake him, you may have been welcomed by a fist in the face. Others, like my husband and brother, put their lives on the line every day, not behind a gun but providing support, always facing the possibility of attack.

Millions died in the wars. Those who lived lost a part of themselves, more than just their youth. Young families gave up hopes of a home for up to twenty years, living on near slave wages to serve. Improvements in medical care saves lives; but many return from the latest wars with body parts missing, requiring medical care and support for the rest of their lives. Young soldiers return broken in both body and spirit.

Almost everyday someone posts pictures of these brave veterans with missing arms and legs. Worse is the damage to their souls. I cannot imagine the things they have seen and done that would cause so many to cower in fear, or even worse, take their own lives. Suicide has become the way “out” for too many of our valiant young people who volunteered, or who joined one of the local Reserve units, and found themselves in the war zone.

War is not pretty. It is an “adventure” that should be offered to the politicians and generals who call for it. Our young men and women need to know war is ugly, evil, and damaging. Even those, like my brother and husband, who never fired a shot, had their lives damaged by their service. Long hours, constant danger, and stress took a toll on them, aging them early.

I honor all who gave all their lives, for a time or forever, in service to our country. In a very real way, they have protected our borders and kept us safe. It is sad that the government has not yet honored these men in an honest way.

Eve knew that war was wicked and evil. The Destroyer spurned men to hatred, fighting, and war. It is the women, mothers and wives, who watch their sons, and now daughters, leave to protect their borders or fight in enemy lands.

Eve would have argued against wars. Women through the ages argued against the violence causing death and maiming of their beloved sons, husbands, and fathers. I am glad my sons are now old enough to avoid military service. Their dad spent enough of his life for all of them. I fear for my grandsons. I will beg them to wait to be drafted, rather than placing their lives in the hands of immoral politicians.

Do you agree? Share your thoughts and stories.


Are We Losing Our Civilization?

The news around here is filled with the gang shooting in Texas. Two opposing gangs fought, killing many on each side. Ugly stuff is happening all around our nation and the world. Is it a symptom of civilization regression?
It has been said that Rome fell because of a loss of civilization. In the days of the “old west” stories are told of the Native Americans fighting each other, taking prestige and power by touching and killing a member of another tribe. In the days of old Europe, it wasn’t much different, men gained power and importance by the numbers of their enemies they managed to injure or destroy.
Early civilizations were destroyed as they forgot how to enfold and allow differences, turning instead to destruction of differences. When people were seen as possible destroyers of the status quo, when ideas were different and unusual, when looks were strange, those who currently occupied a territory became frightened and fought to maintain. The act of maintaining developed into arguments, fights, battles, and wars.
Do you see this happening in your neighborhood and city now? It is happening in the United States and across the world.
People who know they are right are unwilling to enter into conversations with others who have alternate beliefs. Some are unwilling to accept the right of others to have a differing belief, seeing the alternate ideas as an attack on their firmly held beliefs. This is leading to more than arguments. Fights and battles are ensuing—some in courts, some physical.
Territory has always been contentious. “This is mine!” becomes the battle cry, whether the territory is an object, a piece of earth, or an idea. Unwillingness to accept other’s differences, along with unwillingness to see a need for others to share, or expecting all to accept a piece of what is “mine” leads to wars. Further, seeing something desirable but yet yours, leads to an “I want that, I need that, I deserve that” mentality, without thinking about appropriate means to obtain “that.”
Battles are breaking out across the nation, and world, caused by all of this. More importantly, though, is an unbending intent that only one view is correct and all other views must be obliterated.
Holding on to beliefs is important; knowing your beliefs are right is good. Expecting everyone else in the world to see those beliefs in the same way is ludicrous. No one really sees the same view from the same overlook point. Each is focused on different things. Some see the rocks, others the trees, birds, water, or even clouds in the sky. Each perspective is slightly altered. Arguing about politics or a firmly held belief is like asking “just what color is that ever changing mountain?”
Look at the things that cause argument in your life. Is any of it worth fighting for? Is it worth losing your life for? Perhaps. But, perhaps the other person’s strongly held beliefs are just as important.
What do you think? Are we losing our civilization? Are we going to become a group of fighting tribes again? It could happen.