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Keep Your Brain Healthy

Regardless of our station in our life, each of us will find greater happiness if we continue to learn. Even people who no longer work for a paycheck or salary have a need to continue to learn.

Studies have shown that when you exercise your brain, diseases that destroy your ability to remember are less able to affect you. If you have a family history of Alzheimer’s or Dementia, or if you’ve been involved in an accident that damaged your brain, even if only slightly, you will want to do everything you can to protect your brain.

If you don’t learn something new, you have wasted your day. You have wasted an opportunity to grow and learn and you missed out on keeping your brain active and healthy.

So much of our lives are spent in competition, we begin to believe even developing our brains should be competitive. In some professions, competition is important, as car racing.

“Even if you cannot reach those who are ahead of you, one is bound to keep always learning, and especially acquire experience in racing and credibility.” –Aryton Senna

Racing to catch up with another car, or to catch up to the next guy, or even to learn something new can benefit you and your brain. A study I read several years ago studied nuns who worked to stay mentally active. They lived well into their 90s, mentally alert and active.

So, what do you do to maintain a healthy brain? Keep it active. Play games that stimulate it. Read. Learn something new. Complete a word puzzle. Put together a jigsaw puzzle. Solve logic puzzles. Write a book. Tell your children and grandchildren the story of your life.

I chose to write books. I hope to have my first book ready before the end of June, telling the story of Eve. She spent much of her life learning.

What are you doing to keep your brain active?


It’s Time to Write Again!

It’s the middle of October. I’m becoming anxious to begin writing again.

Last year my sister encouraged me to join National Novel Writers Month, or NaNoWriMo, with the goal to write 50K words in the month of November toward a novel. I was somewhat hesitant to agree, as I had never managed to get more than a chapter written on a novel. I feared I wasn’t able to write something worth reading by others. What would I write?

I remembered a story floating in my brain for years, one I’d tried to write several times before, never successfully. I changed perspective, wrote as if I were her, and easily wrote my 50K words in less than the 30 days of November. I continued writing for another month and ended with over 100,000 words of a first draft.

The last ten months have been spent editing. I realized I was attempting to cover too much time, too much history. That book, Eve Remembers, is now a much more manageable 63,000 words, waiting for a final edit from me, Beta Readers, a professional edit, and a professional cover before I finally trust it to be shared with the world.

Eve Remembers recounts the early life and story of Mother Eve. During the year of writing, she whispered to me the stories of her life. It has been an exceptional, fulfilling year; it will be even better when I see it available for you to buy.

Now, it is nearing November again, time for the mad rush of writing. For a time I wondered ‘what will I write this year’. The last edit of Eve answered the question. If you enjoy reading my first book, other similar books will follow, as part of Ancient Matriarchs Series. Book Two: Into the Light is my November project. Yes, Book Three is planned, as well, Out of the Dark.

I never thought I’d become an author, though I’ve joined most of you in desiring to write a book. I hope my work will be appreciated and accepted by readers.

If you are interested in becoming a Beta Reader, reading an early version of Eve Remembers and commenting on it to give me help in making it perfect; I would love to hear from you! Fill the little form on my website http://www.AngeliqueCongerAuthor.com or send me a note at Angelique@AngeliqueCongerAuthor. I’ll get back to you and make arrangements to get it to you.

Happy reading. I’ll be spending November writing!