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A New Year, A New Book

Time passes quickly, especially when you are busy!

I have been busy over the last weeks of December and the beginning of January. I worked hard to get my first book, Eve, First Matriarch, ready for you to read! I am in the final stages of approval on both Create Space, which will allow you to order a paperback copy, or Kindle, which is electronic. The kindle version goes “live” on January 17!! I expect the paperback copy will be available by the beginning of next week. I even have an author page on Amazon:  amazon.com/author/angeliqueconger

I am learning the most difficult phase of being a self-published author, or an authorpreneur, is the marketing. I had never written even a good short story before. This required lots of new knowledge. I have read many books and reworked the original words many times to make this first book worth reading.

I finally talked my good husband into reading it for me, now that I have a paperback proof. He read it for errors, and did a good job of finding them. He even told me how much it affected him—something he wouldn’t say if it were not so.

If you would like to help me share the word about my book, I’ll be more than happy to have you on my team. All this is new to me, so we can learn how to get the word out together. I’ll blink twice and the book will be available to buy.

Check out the Amazon page and order yours today.