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Mother’s Love

I saw this great meme this week on Facebook showing a cow nuzzling her calf. The words were poignant: “No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love.” – Edwin Hubbell Chapin

cow loving calf

It says a lot, doesn’t it? Language cannot express the love of a mother. Mothers love their offspring unconditionally and willingly go above and beyond in their care for their children, to the point of giving their lives for their children. Find a picture of any mother and her baby, animal or human, and your first thoughts will be, “Aww, sweet,” unless you are hardened.

Moms work to ensure their children have a better life than they did, if at all possible. They want them to have great memories of their childhood. I know I feel especially great when my daughter calls to tell me she did something special with her kids and remembers when we did similar things when she was young.

Nurturing of our children is almost hardwired in women. Until the past few decades, women would not brag about destroying (a nicer way to say murdering) their children when they could not control their urges enough to prevent pregnancy. I hear what you are saying, “What about a woman who is raped?”

Incest and rape are beyond a woman’s control. I sort of understand not wanting to carry the reminder of this. But most women who participate in abortion do it for “choice”, meaning they choose to have unprotected sex, while not wanting to accept the consequences of their actions. Adults learn that they are responsible for their actions, particularly their sexual activities. Murder is not an acceptable response to pregnancy due to unprotected sex.

Women who had abortions would sneak around in dark alleys to find someone to perform an abortion. It has never been good for women. For the children, it has always been worse. Mothers generally survive the procedure. The children NEVER survive. The procedure may be basically painless for the mother; for the child it is excruciatingly painful.

In the past weeks, Planned Parenthood has been charged with illegally selling body parts from these murdered infants, even working to protect the parts they plan to sell. I was physically ill when I watched the undercover video.

It would seem to me most of the staff of Planned Parenthood are single women, for how can a mother fall this far? It is hard enough to understand a mother stooping to destroy her child. But, to murder a child in order to “harvest” their body parts? How could a mother do such a thing?

Animals protect their young. Wild herd animals push their young to the center to protect them from predators. Predator moms hide their young and fight to protect them. Farm and domestic animals care for their young and protect them from danger. Can humanity say we are as good as animals?

In my fiction novel, Eve, First Matriarch, motherhood is important to Eve. Young were the future of this earth, both human and animals. No one would consider destroying a child for selfish purposes. Each life was precious then. Life should be precious today, for everyone.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Why? Let me know.


Deny the Lie of Abortion

One of the saddest things I read about is the increasing numbers of women, old and young, who accept the lie that abortion is easy. They are using it as a form of birth control. They believe no one is hurt by this process. Unfortunately, abortion isn’t easy, it isn’t birth control, and there is pain, lots of it.

How can it be considered easy to go to a clinic where abortions are performed? It seems easy to make an appointment, drive to the clinic, and follow through with the appointment. I’ve even seen women who make videos of their abortion, smiling and talking about how good it was. I don’t believe it.

I’ve had “D & C” surgeries after miscarriages. It took days for me to heal enough to resume my normal activities. My body hurt. An abortion would hurt at least as bad.

My heart and soul hurt, I was sad to the point of depression. The loss of a child in any situation causes grief, even an unwanted child. I cannot believe a woman would not feel sorrow and depression after giving up a child in that manner.

Even greater pain is felt by the child as it is torn from its mother.

The saddest thing for me is that women have bought into the idea that abortion is acceptable. All life matters. An unborn child is important, at any age. Does it not seem strange that more than 60% of abortions are performed on young, poor, minority girls and women? 30% of abortions occur in black women? Why would we want to lose so many of our children?

As I have been writing about Eve, it seems to me she would be heartbroken to know how many of her grandchildren are “destroying” their children, her grandchildren. Eve rejoiced at the births of her children. The loss of any child would be heart breaking. All children of all “races” are her children, and all children matter to her.

If you know someone who is considering an abortion, do one important thing first. Have an ultrasound; see your child before you destroy her. It will change your mind and save you and the child a lot of pain.

Abortion is not a good form of birth control. The best contraceptive is abstinence. No unwanted child is ever conceived without the act. Prevent the pains of to both child and mother by avoiding unwanted pregnancies.

Abortion is not the best form of birth control. It causes immense pain to the child and both physical and emotional pain to the mother. It is never easy. All lives matter; all children matter, born or unborn. Deny the lie.