Some Have Dogs, Others Have Cats, I Have Turtles

Last week was National Dog Day. We haven’t had a dog for many years, in fact we liv20150819_232158e in an apartment that does not allow dogs, which is fine with us. We like dogs, in other people’s houses. We have turtles and I love them.

One turtle is a male Red Eared Slider we got as a tiny, two inch little thing. The other is a female Mississippi Map we inherited when a friend needed a new home for her. We’ve had them for more than five years. They have been swimming together happily for more than five years in their hundred gallon fish tank. The male swims to the end of the tank to wat20150819_232230ch television with us, as he has since he was tiny.

Each day, when I feed them, I offer him a few sticks of turtle food to eat from my fingers. He almost always takes them from me. Sometimes the female does, as well. Once in a while, he misses the food and catches my finger! Then, he is lifted out of the water a ways until he lets go and falls back into the water. He never really hurts me, just a little pinch. I think we are both surprised.

Last week I got another surprise, the female laid an egg! Sadly, it was damaged, there was a broken spot on it. No baby turtle for us. Even damaged, the male s20150826_111945wam guard, ensuring it was not bothered by any human hand until after it broke completely. He wanted to be a good daddy.

Early in my book, Eve, First Matriarch, I included a short scene with
turtles. You may see my turtles in it.

I hope you enjoy your pets. Tell me what kind of pet you have.

Coming soon: Ancient Matriarchs: Eve, First Matriarch.