Rain, or the Lack Thereof

Rain! Some of us get it. Some of us don’t. In the west we seem to be among the “don’t” crowd. We had to drive 300 miles to find rain.

We in southern Nevada seem to have missed out on all the moisture over the last year. We had 0.08” this year, no snow, just 0.01” at a time, on eight different days. Doesn’t seem fair to me. Other states have so much rain and snow they have no idea what to do with it.

I know, I live in a desert, and deserts don’t get much rain. But we are having a major drought, and have been for several years. It took driving into another state to see rain again.

There are many kinds of drought. As far as I can tell, drought happens when an area receives too much or too little rain. Crops will not grow in either situation.

We crossed through Utah, Nevada, and Northern California yesterday, seeing green fields next to dry growth. Even in the Lassen National Forest, the trees were mostly green, but some had dry growth near the bottom and the undergrowth was dry. One little spark could set forest or field ablaze, and much of the green beauty would be lost.

Our part of the country is struggling to have enough to water the crops in the fields. Some areas have had their “share” of water for crops in the fields cut in half. For many years now, home owners have been paid to remove grass to save water.

Somehow that doesn’t make sense to me. Even Ms. Frizzle, the beloved science teacher, teaches that the water cycle occurs when water evaporates (most often from grass and trees as they transpire moisture), forms tiny droplets around dust particles high in the air, and falls to the earth when those droplets gather enough moisture.

How can there be rain if there are no lawns or trees to expire moisture? Managers are working against science. Using less water to bring more moisture will never work. There has to be moisture evaporating or transpiring from plants to have enough moisture for rain to fall.

What happened to cause so much rain and snow in the rest of the country? I don’t know. Did they have too many plants? I doubt it.

I suspect the real cause of the current droughts, of either kind occur because people are no longer obedient to the commands of God. Look at store parking lots on the Sabbath. That is just one law people blatantly disregard. Most of other commands are also ignored, by much of the population of the United States.

If you believe God, as I do, you may be wondering if the cause for dry or wet droughts is the result of our actions and our disobedience.