Are You on the Dark Side or In the Light?

Holiday_8The force is with many this week as they wait impatiently for the new movie. I wish it was with me. No, my book isn’t ready to be published yet, but I’m closer. I wish I was ready to share the good news, but, not yet.

During this time of year, I wonder if the “force” shown in the Star Wars movies is the force we need to be thinking about. It may be, if you think about it. The dark side, indicating the hate and fear the world is feeling. We see crazies hurting others en mass. I heard arguments and cursing in stores and from inside homes. The dark side is strong in this part of the world.

On the other hand, I see many people giving of their small resources to help the less fortunate. Children receive shoes and socks, because customers of a business donated a dollar. Food, bicycles, toys, trees, and a multitude of other gifts have been donated so there will be less children who wake up on Christmas morning with no tree and no gifts.

Eve would tell you the dark side is caused by the destroyer, he who beguiled her. His purpose is to cause hatred and sorrow for as long as possible. She would also tell you that the real reason for joy and kindness comes from the Savior of the World, He who left His place as a God to redeem us all. She and Adam knew He would come, taught their children to wait for the glorious event.

We now wait for His return. Until He comes, stay in the light.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakuh, Happy Holidays.