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Do You Have a Power Ball Plan?

pabloThe news is full of the current Power Ball drawing. If you choose the correct numbers, you can win a ridiculous amount of money. It’s a gigantic IF! Lines snaking down the block and around the corner form at stores on the borders of states that don’t allow power ball. Crazy people, taking a chance, hoping to get a lot of something for not much.

Everyone has a plan for the money: helping others, helping animals, buy a new house, pay the bills, the hopes and choices are endless. Someone will eventually get their dream, and their life will be changed. A huge amount will be “donated” to the government in taxes. People will ask for a handout, others will cheat and try to steal some or all of it. Lifestyles will change, and not all for the better.

All this hubbub is interesting to watch. I doubt I’ll know the winner, nor know how that life is changed. I don’t really care. I am happy with what I have.

I guess I have my own power ball in the making. My week has been spent finalizing my first book, Eve, First Matriarch, for a professional edit. I’m down to choosing an editor, a daunting process. I don’t want to win the power ball, I’m not even going to buy a ticket. I’m hoping that when I publish someone will read and enjoy it, share with others they like it, and purchase the next one. That will be my winning ticket.

Eve’s story has been a joy to write; I’ve learned much from and about her. I’m hoping you will like my writing enough to enjoy her story, when it is finally ready.

Have you bought a ticket or do you have another plan to make your life happy?