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A Sneak Peek

Happy Spring!

My next book is nearly ready to publish!

Ancient Matriarchs 
Into the Storms,
Ganet, Wife of Seth

The manuscript is receiving a last review by my editor. I finally found a new cover editor and now have a cover for it.

What do you think?


I have been thinking about Eve, First Matriarch.

My favorite part of the story is also the saddest for me. I was amazed when her first children, Absalom and Bilhah chose to leave their home and their family because of differences of belief. I loved how Eve and Adam allowed them to leave, giving them the right of personal choice. It was hard for them, allowing them to think, act, and believe differently than they did. Yet, they allowed it. The right to choose is a gift from God, and no one can take it away. Thus, they allowed it, though they sorrowed for the choices their children made.

What is your favorite part? Please share it with me.

Have you shared your review with Amazon? As an independent author, I publish my books without the backing of a major publisher. That means no six-figure advances and no advertising budget. One of the best ways you can help me is to give an honest review. I’m not asking for a school book report—horrors! I would appreciate a star rating and a couple of sentences on Amazon. Or, tell your friends about it on Facebook or Twitter.

If there was something you didn’t like, or that needs work, share that, too. I’m all about constructive criticism. It helps me write a better book next time.

But, please, No Spoilers!


It’s Live! Did You Get Your Copy?

It’s live! My first book, Eve, First Matriarch, is now live on Amazon, available in Kindle, paperback, and now Kindle Unlimited. I would be honored if you would order and read it! Check it out here:

I am so excited that some of you have already ordered my book. I hope you received it this morning!

This has been a crazy busy week. My son’s car was wrecked, another son needed help with his foster babies, and my computer decided to crash the weekend before my book release! Only taking care of the babies was fun.

It seems my computer fan is dead, and it has gone to the service center. In the meantime, in order to survive, I’ve borrowed my husband’s computer until mine is returned. It has been a challenge to find all my files. I managed to save them onto a new exterior drive—the old one I was using died. It makes my stomach hurt just to think about all my struggles to retrieve all my important files.

I haven’t retrieved everything yet. Still working on that. However, I plan to get the last of the important problems solved today. I did learn one important lesson: Backup, backup, backup, in many places, so if one crashes, another will be available!

So scary and frustrating to think all your work on a book may be lost. For four days I thought my work on Book 3 had disappeared and was gone forever. Finally, after looking almost everywhere, it appeared! I offered my gratitude to my Heavenly Father, for only he could guide me to its location. I definitely believe in an answer to prayers.

I promise I won’t look at my sales page every 30 minutes to see if you bought my book, but I’d really appreciate it if you did. Drop me a line and tell me how you like it. If you give me your snail mail address, I’ll send you an autographed bookmark.



A New Year, A New Book

Time passes quickly, especially when you are busy!

I have been busy over the last weeks of December and the beginning of January. I worked hard to get my first book, Eve, First Matriarch, ready for you to read! I am in the final stages of approval on both Create Space, which will allow you to order a paperback copy, or Kindle, which is electronic. The kindle version goes “live” on January 17!! I expect the paperback copy will be available by the beginning of next week. I even have an author page on Amazon:

I am learning the most difficult phase of being a self-published author, or an authorpreneur, is the marketing. I had never written even a good short story before. This required lots of new knowledge. I have read many books and reworked the original words many times to make this first book worth reading.

I finally talked my good husband into reading it for me, now that I have a paperback proof. He read it for errors, and did a good job of finding them. He even told me how much it affected him—something he wouldn’t say if it were not so.

If you would like to help me share the word about my book, I’ll be more than happy to have you on my team. All this is new to me, so we can learn how to get the word out together. I’ll blink twice and the book will be available to buy.

Check out the Amazon page and order yours today.


Gone, But Not Forgotten

It’s Fall, already!20151124_141035-1

This summer has been tough for me and this blog. Between physical therapy, surgeries, for both me and my husband, and unexpected travel, I haven’t been very consistent. Now the days are cooler and shorter, and quieter. My plan is to resume writing on a weekly basis.

Eve, First Matriarch is closer to publication, as are books 2 and 3 in the series, Ancient Matriarchs. I (hope) I am on the last edit before preparing for publication. It takes longer, almost, than the original rough draft.

I am working on a short story to give to followers of my newsletter. When it is ready, everyone who is a current reader will receive a copy, as will any who subscribe in the future.

I look forward to sharing with you. Those who receive my newsletter receive news of publication first. If you haven’t subscribed, go to the top right corner of this writing and share your email address with me. Then, look for the short story and regular Weekly Musings.

See you there!


Don’t Be Gloomy

20141211_163220I missed my Tuesday blog, as I was working on book 2 of my Ancient Matriarch’s series. I’m now writing about Seth’s wife, who I named Ganet (pronounced like Janet). We know little to nothing about the women whose stories I am writing, giving me leeway to create them and give them names.

As I wrote about Eve, I felt her sitting beside me, telling me her story. In many ways, I feel much the same about Ganet and the others. I know they are a product of my imagination, though it is rather weak. Only through there help can I write their stories.

So, rather than share my thoughts on things going on in this dark and gloomy world, I thought I’d share my favorite quote.

“Don’t be gloomy. Do not dwell on unkind things. Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. Even if you are not happy, put a smile on your face. ‘Accentuate the positive.’ Look a little deeper for the good. Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face, with great and strong purpose in your heart. Love life.” —Gordon B. Hinkley.

Feel free to share your favorite quote with me.


Help Me Decide

General wisdom suggests that in order for a blog and newsletter to gain subscriptions, the author should provide some piece of information that can be found nowhere else. My newsletter has languished with less than a hundred readers, mostly family and friends, who are interested in the publication of my first book. I thank you who are subscribers.

The cover for that first book is now available to see on the next page, “Ancient Matriarchs.” I have sent that book to my editor, again, and have rewritten about a fourth of the second book. I hope to have three ready to publish before I publish book 1, so you will have more than one book to read, and readers will not forget my books. It is coming along much faster than I expected.

I have thoughts about two short stories I could write to encourage new subscribers. You are my current readers, and would receive this story before any new subscribers.

The purpose of this post is a request for feedback. The two stories I’m thinking of are:

1. Bark and Red — a story written about the wolf pup and horse Eve’s first children bring home. Bark was rescued after his mama was killed protecting him from a serpent. Red, the horse, agreed to allow the children to ride him. This will be a story about the two of them.

2. A story about a journey taken by Eve with Adam. He tried to encourage her to stay home, but she believed she was needed. Because she traveled with Adam, Eve was able to help in an unexpected way.

Which story would you rather read? Please respond in the comments.

If you have not subscribed to my newsletter, feel free to add your email address in the small box in the upper right corner of this page, “Read my Weekly Musings. (I will keep your information private.)” to receive weekly updates.



February, the Month of Sickness

I haven’t sent out a newsletter for nearly a month. For that I am sorry. My husband and I have been sick with bronchitis. His got worse, he had pneumonia. I have been busy caring for him, and have not had anything on my mind to share with you. You didn’t need to hear about his cough and our appointments with the doctor. So, I’m back, with something more interesting.

I am not going to discuss the news of the day—all about presidential politicians. I will not share my thoughts there. We each must wade through the nonsense and make up our own minds there. There are other things I am interested in sharing.

I have sent my first book Ancient Matriarchs: Eve, First Matriarch to an editor. As expected, I still have work to do on it. Back to work, but there is hope it will be completed and ready for another edit in a couple months.

My book cover is in progress. I can’t wait to see it. When I get it, I will share it here first. If you have a friend who would be interested, send them over to my website so they can sign up. (The box is on the upper right of every page.)

I hope your February was healthier than mine. If not, you have my sympathy.


Mother’s Love

I saw this great meme this week on Facebook showing a cow nuzzling her calf. The words were poignant: “No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love.” – Edwin Hubbell Chapin

cow loving calf

It says a lot, doesn’t it? Language cannot express the love of a mother. Mothers love their offspring unconditionally and willingly go above and beyond in their care for their children, to the point of giving their lives for their children. Find a picture of any mother and her baby, animal or human, and your first thoughts will be, “Aww, sweet,” unless you are hardened.

Moms work to ensure their children have a better life than they did, if at all possible. They want them to have great memories of their childhood. I know I feel especially great when my daughter calls to tell me she did something special with her kids and remembers when we did similar things when she was young.

Nurturing of our children is almost hardwired in women. Until the past few decades, women would not brag about destroying (a nicer way to say murdering) their children when they could not control their urges enough to prevent pregnancy. I hear what you are saying, “What about a woman who is raped?”

Incest and rape are beyond a woman’s control. I sort of understand not wanting to carry the reminder of this. But most women who participate in abortion do it for “choice”, meaning they choose to have unprotected sex, while not wanting to accept the consequences of their actions. Adults learn that they are responsible for their actions, particularly their sexual activities. Murder is not an acceptable response to pregnancy due to unprotected sex.

Women who had abortions would sneak around in dark alleys to find someone to perform an abortion. It has never been good for women. For the children, it has always been worse. Mothers generally survive the procedure. The children NEVER survive. The procedure may be basically painless for the mother; for the child it is excruciatingly painful.

In the past weeks, Planned Parenthood has been charged with illegally selling body parts from these murdered infants, even working to protect the parts they plan to sell. I was physically ill when I watched the undercover video.

It would seem to me most of the staff of Planned Parenthood are single women, for how can a mother fall this far? It is hard enough to understand a mother stooping to destroy her child. But, to murder a child in order to “harvest” their body parts? How could a mother do such a thing?

Animals protect their young. Wild herd animals push their young to the center to protect them from predators. Predator moms hide their young and fight to protect them. Farm and domestic animals care for their young and protect them from danger. Can humanity say we are as good as animals?

In my fiction novel, Eve, First Matriarch, motherhood is important to Eve. Young were the future of this earth, both human and animals. No one would consider destroying a child for selfish purposes. Each life was precious then. Life should be precious today, for everyone.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Why? Let me know.


A Writing Addict

I have spent the last year and a half writing, my husband would say I’m addicted to writing, for when I sit down, my computer is in my lap and I am adding words to, or editing one of my novels.

Yes. I am writing novels. The first in my series of Ancient Matriarchs is Eve, First Matriarch. As the title suggests, I am writing about our first mother, Eve. I have had many questions over the years, especially since I first became a mother about 40 years ago, wondering how she managed those first births. Have you?

Other books in the Ancient Matriarch series are planned, two are in rough draft stage, and are finding form. As I wrote about Eve, I discovered a mystery that could only be answered by writing another series, Lost Children of the Prophets. The first book in this series has a beginning.

Of course, it is all fiction! How else could I tell a story about women whose names are not even recorded, let alone any information about their lives?

Would you like to follow the questions I have, find some of the answers, and learn what may be coming in the lives of the Ancient Matriarchs? Do you want to be first to know when the books are available for you to read?

Join me in my quest in my Weekly Musings. I write something new each week about what is going on in my writing, and I will share some of the insights I have gained.

Check out for more information about my books, and the form to add your name to get all this, and more!

And, yes, please share with any friends you think may be interested.