What Would You Do If Faced With a Murderer?

I am writing earlier than usual, partly because of the shooting in the community college in Oregon. My heart goes out to the families of those who died and all who were injured. That was a terrifying day for these people and their families. Congratulations to the Veteran who charged him, taking shots. This man is a hero.

There have been conflicting reports about the killer, asking his victims if they were Christian, or religious, and shooting those who said they were, in the head. Those who did not admit to Christianity, or religion, were shot elsewhere, at first. Or so several accounts report.

This has caused me to think about how I would react in such a situation. If it was certain death if I admit to my belief in Christ, would I admit? I am not sure, I doubt I would know until I am actually faced with such a situation.

Perhaps I would be forgiven. if I denied to save my life, if I was certain I’d die if I did not deny. Perhaps not. I am not sure I would take that chance. I hope I would proudly stand and tell him a follower of Jesus Christ and place my trust in him.

My husband, who is retired Navy, says he would be like the Veteran who charged the shooter. He says he would not stand still and peacefully allow the shooter the opportunity to shoot at will. He would throw a chair or something. I hope I would have the sense to throw something, shove a desk into him, something.

I always sit in the front row in a classroom, I may not have an opportunity to do much more than stand tall and admit to my faith. I hope I would manage to shove a desk into him, something more than quietly be murdered for my faith.

I am saddened that the Destroyer, Satan, has such control over the minds of so many. People are murdered every day in our country. Sometimes, like Thursday, it happens to many in places that should be safe. In my community, a mother and her child were murdered in their home, that should have been safe. Satan rages in the hearts of some men and women.

I believe Eve knew much that would happen in our day. Her prophet husband, Adam, was given to know all that would happen to his sons and daughters until the end of time. That’s information prophets receive, though I know they would often prefer not to know. Eve, through Adam, knew about our time, how we have lost our faith in God, how many have given in to the wiles of the evil one. She must have wept bitterly when she learned of the future of her children.

There have been other horrific times, times of murder and wars. Our time rapidly joins the previous worst, as people are murdered for their faith, babies are murdered for convenience, and love is lost in the hearts of men and women.

Pray for peace in our land. Look into your heart. What will you do if you are faced with that question? Stand up for your faith and belief, or hide from it? I hope you, and I, can have the presence of mind to shove a desk or something at the murderer, as well.

I’d like to hear how you would respond. Please share.


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