NaNoWriMo is Over, for This Year!

To all my friends and those who have begun to follow my blog, I apologize for my silence this past month. I was overwhelmed writing the first draft of a new book in my series, Ancient Matriarchs.

The first draft is written, and I’m waiting on the return of Eve Remembers from my beta readers. When they come back, I will be spending my time working to rewrite and edit that book one more time. I’m hopeful that this last round of rewrite/edits will be enough to consider paying an editor to go through it.

After that, I’ll need to pay for a beautiful cover, and get it published. There is hope that Ancient Matriarchs: Eve Remembers will be ready for you to read by summer. This is my first book, so I’m taking my time, to be sure it is right before I send it out for you to read.

Thanks for your patience.


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